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Time for a new parenting paradigm?

Parenting is the most rewarding and by far, the most stressful life-role we play. The plethora of advice to the ‘right-way’ of parenting makes dealing with situations not just challenging but quite a struggle. Where every move is measured and every reaction, judged – from junk-eating habits to over protection going wrong, dealing with unreasonable demands or addressing social, emotional and academic issues, parenting is a never-ending saga. Frustration and confusion are synonymous to parenting!

Parent interaction with children, beyond doubt, goes a long way in developing their social, emotional well-being and even their cognitive and physical growth. Constructive positive communication in everyday circumstances is essential in shaping children’s personalities and their futures. The inherent evolution of the human race, the strides of technological advances and the cons of global exposure – all call for a new parenting paradigm.

What if a few simple steps to understand your child and yourself, help you approach everyday situations in a way that strengthens your child’s growth?

Grounded in decades of research, Strengths-based Parenting empowers parents to develop their own individual style of parenting, adapted to their individual child’s strengths. Thereby, supporting them to achieve their full potential.

Join us for an engaging and informative session where you will receive practical and evidence-based tips on how to raise a successful, happy, emotionally intelligent child by Katrina Mankani, Managing Director, Jumeirah International Nurseries and Director of Positive Education (PosEd), Fortes Education.

To attend this free workshop on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at JINS Downtown in South Ridge Towers, Dubai, please click here.

*Limited seats available

K.mankaniKatrina Mankani
Managing Director, Jumeirah International Nurseries
Director of PosEd, Fortes Education
A firm believer, practitioner and implementer of Positive Education in the UAE, Katrina Mankani’s leadership in this field has led to the development of institutions where students are inspired to achieve their fullest potential and flourish in a changing world.