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Year 1 at JINS

A bespoke Senior Nursery Education with JINS – delivered in a familiar and safe environment. We give our senior students in Year 1 the tools and experiences to embrace their journey of knowledge – giving them a head-start and preparing them for Primary School life and beyond. 


To ensure that our learners aged 5-6 years old are confident and prepared for any Primary school once they graduate JINS, we have adopted the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) at our JBR and Palm Jumeirah branches for Year 1 students.

It is a world class, comprehensive and practical curriculum delivering academic, personal, and international knowledge, skills, and understanding, making it the most internationally accepted curriculum in the world.  

Our Year 1 phase nurtures a child’s development in all aspects, with teachers committed to knowing your child as an individual and making them feel valued and respected. 

We nurture a growth mindset and introduce students to more formal learning. They achieve greater self-reliance, effective study habits and learn to work and collaborate with others. 


We provide our Year 1 learners with strong academic programmes and a myriad of learning opportunities, along with personalised lessons in Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts & Design, and Sports. 

We firmly believe in equipping our students with the skills they’ll need in the ever-changing world. We do this by empowering our students through an innovative and character-building education that inspires them to thrive and achieve with purpose. 

Our curriculum design serves to reflect this. Whilst maintaining academic rigour through the International Preschool Curriculum, our holistic Positive Education ethos and ambitious commitment to innovative technology ensures our children achieve outstanding academic, social and personal success.  

To learn more about the word-class IPC curriculum framework, please visit: 


Learning happens in many different places and at different times. We place great emphasis on experiences and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

At JINS, every child that joins us goes on an individual learning journey to fulfill their potential. We take a holistic approach and support our children with enriching learning opportunities that take them beyond academics, including classes in Arabic, French, Arabic, Russian, Gymnastics and Ballet. 


At Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS), the International Preschool Curriculum and the British National Curriculum are thoughtfully combined to create a comprehensive and holistic educational experience for children in Year 1. This integration aims to provide a well-rounded education that encompasses both global perspectives and British educational standards. Here’s how these two curricula work together to support the children at JINS in Year 1: 

  • Curriculum Alignment: The International Preschool Curriculum and the British National Curriculum are carefully aligned to ensure a smooth transition and progression in learning from the early years to Year 1. The content, skills, and learning outcomes from the International Preschool Curriculum serve as a foundation for the British National Curriculum in Year 1. 
  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage: The combination of these curricula ensures that children in Year 1 at JINS receive a broad and balanced education across various subject areas. The International Preschool curriculum introduces children to a wide range of subjects, fostering their curiosity and exploration, while the British National Curriculum provides a structured framework for in-depth learning and skill development within these subject ranges.
  • Cultural Diversity and Global Perspective: The International Preschool Curriculum emphasises cultural diversity, global awareness, and understanding. It promotes inclusivity, exposes children to different cultures, and encourages respect for others. This aspect is integrated into the Year 1 curriculum at JINS, allowing children to develop a global perspective and appreciate the diversity around them. 
  • Language and Literacy Development: Both curricula prioritise language and literacy development. The International Preschool Curriculum focuses on early language acquisition, oral communication, and emergent literacy skills, while the British National Curriculum in Year 1 builds upon these foundations, emphasising reading fluency, phonics awareness, vocabulary expansion, writing skills, and comprehension. The integration of these curricula ensures a comprehensive approach to language and literacy development. Through the use various enrichment programmes the two curricula are further supported to maintain the academic rigour required in year 1.
  • Numeracy and Mathematical Skills: The International Preschool curriculum introduces basic numeracy concepts, such as counting and number recognition, while the British National Curriculum in Year 1 further develops mathematical skills and understanding. Children in Year 1 at JINS engage in hands-on activities, problem-solving tasks, and critical thinking exercises to strengthen their numeracy skills and apply mathematical concepts in real-life situations. 
  • Play-Based and Inquiry-Based Learning: The International Preschool curriculum often incorporates play-based and inquiry-based learning approaches, fostering children’s curiosity, imagination, and creativity. These pedagogical approaches continue to be integrated into the Year 1 curriculum at JINS, allowing children to explore, investigate, and discover through hands-on experiences, projects, and problem-solving activities. 
  • Assessment and Progress Monitoring: The International Preschool Curriculum and the British National Curriculum both emphasise continuous assessment and progress monitoring. Teachers at JINS use a range of assessment methods, such as observations, classwork, projects, and informal assessments, to track children’s progress, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and provide targeted support or extension activities accordingly. 

By combining the International Preschool Curriculum and the British National Curriculum, JINS creates a learning environment that nurtures children’s overall development, academic excellence, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills. This integrated approach ensures that children in Year 1 receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future academic success in any curriculum of their choice in Primary school while fostering their social, emotional, and cognitive growth. 

To learn more about our Year 1 provision in one of the best nurseries in Dubai, speak with our team and tour our Year 1 classrooms.

In Year 1 at JINS, the learning objectives and goals are carefully crafted to foster the holistic development of each child. Alongside the acquisition of fundamental academic skills in English, Mathematics, Science, and other subjects, the goals encompass social-emotional growth, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and physical development. 

The Year 1 curriculum at JINS follows a well-structured framework that integrates various subjects and areas of learning, making it one of the best Early Childhood Centre options in Dubai. Our framework is divided into engaging units or topics that encourage interdisciplinary connections and provide students with a deep understanding of concepts through hands-on activities, projects, and real-life applications. Each core subjects have key performance indicated, that that form the basis of the weekly planning to support children’s learning and knowledge base. 

JINS values innovative and student-cantered teaching methods. In Year 1 classrooms, teachers employ a combination of approaches, including interactive discussions, group activities, collaborative projects, educational technology integration, and individualised instruction. This diverse range of methods ensures that every student’s unique learning style and needs are catered to.

JINS believes in continuous assessment and ongoing feedback to monitor student progress effectively. In Year 1, student achievement is assessed through various methods such as teacher observations, formative assessments, quizzes, projects, presentations, and portfolios. These assessments not only evaluate academic performance but also provide valuable insights into students’ growth and development.

At JINS, we believe that parents play a crucial role in their child’s education. Parents can support their child’s learning by creating a nurturing home environment that encourages reading, engaging in meaningful conversations, aiding with additional learning and projects, attending parent-teacher conferences, and actively participating in events and activities. 

We are committed to supporting the individual needs of our students at JINS. Our Early Childhood Centres have dedicated support services in place to assist Year 1 students who may require additional help. These services may include learning support programs, special education services, counseling, and targeted interventions to address specific learning needs or socio-emotional challenges. We work closely with parents to ensure every child receives the support they need to thrive. 

We encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s education journey at JINS. Parents can stay involved by attending events, volunteering, joining parent-teacher associations or committees, attending parent workshops or training sessions, and maintaining regular communication with their child’s teacher. We value the input and involvement of parents as partners in their child’s education, and we believe that together, we can create a positive and enriching learning experience. 

At JINS, we use a variety of assessment methods to monitor your child’s progress in English, Math, and Science. These methods include teacher observations, informal assessments, classwork, homework assignments, and projects. Additionally, we may use standardised assessments or benchmarking tools to track your child’s development. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths and areas for growth.