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Love JUNGLE! Love MESS! Hakuna Matata!

See how gloop, gunge and mud sludge in the jungle taught us some important lessons.

A jungle in Dubai, you say?! So, you might not think that you could find one in the city, let alone in the calming urban area of Downtown. Well, you were wrong! The children, parents and staff at Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS) Downtown, can all vouch for it.

On a breezy Thursday morning, all was quiet in the classrooms, the monkeys slept, the snakes slowly slithered and the crocodiles crept and crawled slowly through the waters. Then along came the children of the nursery for one of our most popular days of the year, THE MESSY DAY! The day when we not only explore the mess, we become the mess!

MESSY DAY meant arriving to nursery in our oldest clothing, entering our glorious WILD JUNGLE and using our whole bodies to delve into the different JUNGLE STATIONS.

We had crocodile swamps, snake trails, jungle stew, tiger’s territory and a whole heap more. While a couple of children (and parents) were a little apprehensive to let their inhibitions go, it wasn’t long until there was gloop, gunge, spaghetti, mud sludge and much more being planted around the room and all over our bodies. Our lions roared, the monkeys swayed and the chipmunks danced together merrily and messily through the day.


Sensory play is a huge part of children’s development and plays an integral part of their overall Early Years Development, such as cognitive, fine and gross motor skills. Through such kinds of group play and interaction, they also begin to refine their social skills and emotional intelligence. When these activities are created in such a fun and stimulating way, like our glorious JUNGLE, it makes all this learning incredibly enjoyable and engaging for all involved. Yes, for the adults too! We don’t just have the MESSY DAY but a whole lot of exciting events happening throughout the year that we would love for you to join.

Come over and take a look at what else we have to offer for all our children here at JINS Downtown!

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