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JINS Regent, The Greens

Our Early Years practitioners at JINS Regent are passionate, supportive, and sensitive to each child’s needs, making it a fun place to be. JINS Regent provides a positive and exciting learning environment for children aged 45 days to 3 years old.

JINS Regent is a sensory wonderland, where the children have free flow play with access to the outdoors at all times. We provide a child-centered approach where the individual needs and abilities of each child are recognised and nurtured.

Located in Emaar’s ‘The Greens’, JINS Regent is a purpose-built nursery within the campus of Regent International School, providing children a seamless transition from nursery through to EYFS (FS1 and FS2) at the school.

JINS Regent provides your child with an exceptional Early Years Education, following the British EYFS Curriculum.

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7:00am - 6:00pm

Our Home at JINS Regent

"Located within the campus of Regent International School, JINS The Greens manages to retain the feeling of a nurturing, enclosed early years space, while also being able to make use of several of the school's facilities including its sports field and its well-resources and spacious early years library."
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