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Parent Zone

At JINS, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing your child in a way that as parents, you best envisioned. We consider you and your child as part of the JINS community. We listen to your needs and engage you in your child’s education, and believe in building strong parent partnerships for your child’s growth.


JINS uses the ‘Parent App’, a vibrant and interactive platform to track learning and share special moments with you as parents. It is a brilliant platform and our go-to communication tool. It enables you to understand your child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis.
It helps you as a parent to have an immersive experience of what the child is doing at the Nursery and the context in which your child is engaging in various activities, encouraging their overall growth and development.
This app also makes it possible for you to contribute observations from home! Be it something your child does for the first time or during a holiday/vacation, making the learning journey even more comprehensive and enabling ‘parents as partners in the learning and development of a child in their early years at JINS.


We have a range of systems to promote parent involvement at JINS which include:

Providing weekly and monthly newsletters about topics, activities and events taking place

Holding a 6 monthly parent information evening

Holding educational Workshops for parents

Maintaining an open-door policy for parents to talk to staff

Inviting parents to special events

Being flexible when possible regarding session changes and extra sessions

Providing daily feedback in respect of your child’s wellbeing

Having Parent Volunteer groups that channel the positive ethos, goodwill and creativity of our parents to enhance the children’s learning experience and to strengthen ties between the Nursery, parents and children. The groups get involved in fund-raising and event support and organisation. The groups encourage development of a community spirit within the Nursery with parents socialising and having fun with each other, children and staff, and promote goodwill with and benefit to the community.