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Aren’t They Too Young to Learn How to Read and Write?

Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, does my child really need to be working on these now?

But they aren’t even interested in books yet, how can I get them to read?

She doesn’t know how to hold her spoon and you would like her to learn how to write?

As parents of 21st Century learners we certainly feel the pressures of our ever demanding world and we understand that these expectations can be transferred to our children.

But wait, is it the right time to be learning about Literacy in the Early Years? And can Nurseries really provide the beginning steps to reading and writing?

Keeping it short and sweet, yes.

Now, Nurseries won’t have your child writing an essay or reading a novel, but we ensure that they build a solid foundation for literacy skills in the early stages with books, marks, and conversation. You ask, how?


“What has happened inside our room, who can see some changes?”
By holding conversations and engaging children in interesting dialogues, the Nursery staff ensures children develop speaking skills. Repeating new and familiar words from their teachers, children build a wide-ranging and an ever-developing vocabulary base. We make sounds we hear around us such as a doorbell ringing or a cat’s meow, a dog’s bark or a bike racing – a wonderful way to help children identify and make clear sounds.


Story-telling, with the use of the right language and tone, (an incredible skill our Nurseries take pride in), is one of the most brilliant ways to catch children’s interest. As children develop their listening skills and attention span, their levels of recall increase dramatically too. Soon, their creative juices begin to find expression as their understanding of language and communication skills develop. Our beautiful library sets the perfect mood for children to delve into the amazing world of imagination!

Children begin to explore their listening world by focusing on the sounds around them (Environmental Sounds) such as the sound of rain, car horns, babies crying, and even silence – the first step in the research-based curriculum of UK Sounds and Letters, we follow. Progressing to Instrumental Sounds, the children listen to, learn to differentiate as well as talk about the different sounds they hear. Moving ahead, they begin to map the relationships between letters and sounds. This process ensures children develop a strong base for future literacy skills as well as have their sense of exploration and curiosity pretty well-fueled!


Words, phrases, songs, rhymes, poems, stories, the list just goes on. Research-based early reading techniques are used with our little learners, which ensure they develop a love for reading and become effective readers at a quick pace. We share stories, act them out, sing songs and we even read pictures!

So you might be thinking, ok now, how do you read a picture? Well, we do! You can learn and use these techniques with your child too.


At Jumeirah International Nurseries, we truly have a passion for the written word. By providing children with tools – both familiar and unfamiliar to make their own marks, we develop their early stages of writing. There may be permanent marks on your fridge or Sudocrem on Daddy’s briefcase, so look out parents, marks will be made! These marks are then assigned meaning by your child “This is Mama, this is Dada”; and gradually develop into mock letters as the children become ever aware of the print in their environment.

In short, the Early Years are the most precious of times to support and embrace Early Literacy Skills. By starting early, you are not only giving your child the opportunity for trial and error, practice and making learning fun but also fostering his/her confidence.

So come along and support your child’s literary adventure with us! Click here, to book a tour.

Laura Partanen 
Nursery Manager
JINS Al Safa