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Nutrition, Uniform & Transport

Learn more about the Nutrition, Uniform and Transport services that we offer at Jumeirah International Nurseries.


A well-balanced diet is vital to a child’s health, and what they eat influences their mood, behaviour, level of concentration, and most importantly their physical and mental development.

Our food provider, Baby Eats‘ menu uses fresh and organic ingredients and is carefully planned to ensure that children receive a variety of different foods geared to providing all of the essential daily nutrients required to maintain good health.

We believe it is very important for children to have something nourishing to eat at snack time, as well as at lunch, so we request you to pack healthy balanced snack and lunch if your child is enrolled in morning programme and an additional mid-afternoon snack/tea if they continue in the afternoon programme.

It is also important for children to enjoy and eat their meals in a community setting with friends in their bubbles.

Speak with our Managers and Admin team for more information on our Baby Eats food programme.


We believe that children should be as comfortable as possible and encourage parents to ensure that the children wear comfortable JINS uniforms. Not only does this help when children are engaging in messy multi-sensory activities, but our uniform also helps to create a sense of community within our Nurseries.


For safety reasons, we advise that the children should avoid buckles, belts and other design elements such as fringes, tags, loops, and hoods. Shoes should be easy fastening (no laces).

Uniform is compulsory for children from 1 to 6 years old. Children aged from 45 days to 1 years old are not required to wear the JINS uniform. Children are required to wear the JINS uniform for annual Photographs and Nursery Trips.

JINS t-shirts are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Shorts and skorts are also available for purchase from the Nursery Online Store


Jumeirah International Nurseries operates an air-conditioned transport service to various parts of Dubai.

The transportation fee is paid in advance at the beginning of every term, along with the Tuition Fee. Transportation Fees and Regulations are subject to change at any time.

Click here for the Transport Consent form.

Click here for the Authorisation Pick-up form.