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Affiliate Schools

We are part of the award-winning Fortes Education Group which comprises of top British Schools, Sunmarke School and Regent International School, and Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS).  

Both Sunmarke and Regent have been rated “Outstanding” by the British Overseas Inspection, and “Very Good” with outstanding features by KHDA. JINS children receive a priority placement and exclusive discount when graduating and joining one of our sister schools.  



At JINS, the focus ahead of moving into ‘Big School’ is helping children develop and secure skills which will be essential for a smooth transition.  

This includes supporting young learners as they develop pre-writing and literacy skills, as well as their knowledge of important mathematical concepts through play and exploration. In our ‘Confident Explorers’ class, children learn how to identify and write their own names and are introduced to the Letters and Sounds and Accelerated Maths Programme. They playing games and take part in fun activities which involve problem solving, counting, understanding and using numbers and matching them to their quantities.  

Most importantly, in JINS’ caring and happy learning environments and through well-planned routines, the children grow up as confident and secure individuals as they develop a greater awareness of the world around them through play. On a day-to-day basis, the children are actively involved in their learning and are being encouraged to be independent, think critically, ask questions, and use their imagination as they learn and explore together. 

In the Summer Term, our children regularly go across and experience the learning spaces in EYFS at Sunmarke and Regent International School, allowing them to acclimatise to the new environments, practitioners, peers, routines and levels of expectation. During these ‘Transition Days’ the children experience the Forest Schools in EYFS at both schools, visit the libraries, play spaces and enjoy specialised lessons such as Physical Education and Music.  

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JINS also has strong ties with top IB School, North London Colligate School (NLCS) and American Curriculum School, Clarion, to give parents a varied choice of curricula once their children graduate our centres.