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Nursery Events

Jumeirah International Nurseries hosts a number of regular events for children and parents alike from Parent Activity Days to National Celebrations and Coffee Mornings.

Below is a series of our most popular events that take place at Jumeirah International Nurseries. Each one bringing with it a unique and memorable experience.

Coffee Mornings & Parent Workshops:

Our regular Coffee Mornings & Parent Workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for us to illustrate to parents how their child learns and is taught in the Nursery, as well as how their progress is monitored. Our Coffee Mornings are a great way to meet other parents, make new friends and get involved in the community spirit of our Nurseries.

Parent Activity Days:

Parent Activity Days are attended and supported by the parents, children, and staff alike. Be it UAE National Day Celebration, Halloween Day, Festive Celebration, Cake Auctions, Book Sales, Messy Mornings, or Sports days our children and parents always have a fantastic time with all the fun activities (during the COVID-19 Pandemic, parent participation in any of the events is temporarily suspended until further notification).

Graduation Day:

Graduation day is always an occasion to celebrate and is marked by the attendance of proud parents who are delighted with a host of performances put up by the children.

UAE National Day:

We celebrate the UAE National Day with gusto and children learn about their host land. Children partake in Emirati food and drink, children dress up local outfits and celebrate by waving the UAE flag, singing the UAE National Anthem, ‘Ishi Bilady’, and participating in a host of cultural activities.

International Day:

At JINS we are truly International and have over 52 different nationalities in the children, parents, and educators as part of our JINS community. During the day-long celebration, Parents bring their homeland to JINS and celebrate their culture by showcasing the artifact, informational poster, tradition, cuisines, and activities for both children and adults attending.

Spring, Summer & Winter Festivals:

Jumeirah International Nurseries hosts Spring, Summer and Winter Festivals (Camps) for children during the term breaks. Each Festival is full of activities and we offer part /full day programmes to suit working parents.

Festive Sing-a-long:

Little elves and little reindeer come together for our annual Festive Sing-a-long. Parents of children are also invited along to Jumeirah International Nurseries to share in the wonder of our Festive Sing-a-long and be a part of our magical JINS community.