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What wonderful things you can find in a mum’s handbag


So, for this article, I thought it would be fun to see what a mum carries around in her handbag on a daily basis. This will also show that every mother is different and that is OK as we all do things that suit us best.


A handbag holds all your belongings and never judges or complains. Your handbag has every reason to complain because a woman’s handbag a ‘Mother’s handbag’, well mine at least, is a mess without fail. I can honestly say after writing down what’s in my bag today I have cleaned it out before putting everything back in (this happens once in a blue moon I just don’t seem to find the time!),  a mum’s handbag is basically her sidekick helping her get through day.  So, I have asked a few of my mum friends from around the world to share insight into their lives by revealing what’s in their mum handbag. This made me laugh…

What’s in my bag:

 I am a mother of 2 (I have a 16-year-old daughter and a 2.6-year-old son.) In my bag, I have a wallet, keys, sunglasses, cars…lots of cars, Japanese hair clips and hair ties (my daughter keeps putting them in) a packet of chips, tissues, masks, sanitiser, a load of crumbs at the bottom from who knows what, an empty bottle of milk, bandages, Haribo sweets and a random ball.

A Dubai friend said:

Mother of 2. “My handbag is like Mary Poppins’…everything seems to fit inside it! From plasters, to sanitisers, colouring books, notepads, pencils and pens,lots and lots of them!! There is always a shawl, and lip balm, tissues, a charger and things I didn’t even know where inside it which my daughter has put in herself. My handbag is certainly a communal one – shared by all members of my family!

Some friends from Australia said:

Mother of 1. “In my mum bag I have freeze dried fruit (we’re not talking your ordinary dried apricots here!), a nasal aspirator aka snot sucker and nipple cream. Hey it works for everything, I tell ya! Oh any also a puppet is in here.”

Mother of 2.  “Banana peel, mandarin peep, half eaten apple…rocks, leaves, feathers…and some flowers”.

As you can see, us mums are just trying to get along and we fill our nice bags with what ever makes our children happy and our sidekick (handbag) can help us through each day while we learn and grow with our children.

I think what’s important to remember here is no matter the parenting style we choose or what we carry in our bags we are equally unique just like our children and we need to give ourselves credit for what we do each day as a mum. The sacrifice staying up late when our children are ill, kissing his/her knee when they fall, cooking dinner, washing, cleaning and the list goes on.

I want you to know you are doing a great job just keep being you…MUM’S KNOW BEST!!

Nursery Manager
JINS Downtown