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Ice, ice baby – Super chill play time ideas for the Summer

Bring out your sailor and beret hats, we have ice boats & popsicle paints ready!


To beat the summer heat, we chilled with ice at JINS! Give these ideas a try at home with your little one.

For making Ice Boats – All you have to do is freeze water in a square mould and lodge an ice-cream stick as a flag, and prop a toy once the ice is set. Voila, you have an ice boat with a sailor! Next, for the popsicle paints, freeze water with different colours and add some glitter at the base for that extra sparkle. Set it up enticingly enough, to lure your child into exploring the magic that is ICE!

Throw in a few nautical phrases – ‘Aye, aye captain’ and ‘Anchors aweigh’, and flag off a short boat race or praise the young artist with a “Que c’est beau!”! Now, what’s great about these ideas:

  • It’s a sensory, hands-on experience that stimulates your child’s senses and gets him to start asking questions.
  • Curiosity will push him to verbally communicate. Water and words have a way of going hand in hand.
  • The answers you give, will help your child with an understanding of the world. Why ice melts, what does cold feel like, what floats, what sinks, and why a solid turns into a liquid. It may not be rocket science, but it will magically simplify your child’s perception of how things function.
  • Children are drawn to ice. It’s a universally appealing play material with unlimited possibilities and is known to calm even the grumpiest of babies.

The simplest of activities can open the door to discovery and exploration for your child. Play with ice and water opens up a world of possibilities, both in learning and in fun! Incorporate different themes with water play and spin colourful stories to make this an experience your child wants to talk about and remember.

Now, don’t you think all that watery mess was totally worth it! Share with us your ice ideas and favourite themes, we’d love to hear from you.