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How Can I Do It All? Top Tips to Successfully Manage Work and Family Life.

This is one single question that haunts most of us parents with multiple children. However, the definition of ALL I am sure you will agree lies in the eyes of the beholder.

As a mother of two and having run the early years operation at JINS now for 17 years I know that, as children grow the challenges change, these developments are sure to evolve your thinking as a parent, but at the same time we also need to find the right balance within our households to sustain our stability and sanity.  If change is constant in your life than your approach to it should remain steady, firm and loving.  It is important that you calibrate your own expectations about what your children can do independently, then extend your support to help them to learn through their experience.

There is no one right way to raise a child or a bunch of children.

You can begin by determining the basic needs of your family. 

The basic needs comprise of eating, sleeping, hygiene and affectionate interaction between your children and you. When these are met, we can then extend and begin to combine and work on additional areas.

Once you have established basic requirements and needs of your children, it’s time to understand the individual needs. Basically, what they require to be happy, contented, strong, healthy, and well-balanced. Some may need a lot of touch; some may need alone time with you, and some on the other hand need alone time with themselves. In all this remember to give some time to your own self and equally spend some of your time with your partner in crime or other half or a friend.

With the basic and individual needs outlined its time to slot these into routines so you are sure to fit, all that is on your list in your day. Remember if you make your routines into mindful rituals, you and your children will be at peace with each other.  To set a routine you can be a clock watcher and set time to complete your chores or have a consistent daily schedule of the things that need to be addressed based on your children’s needs.

You have it all covered… the basic needs, individual needs, routine, mindful rituals, and schedules, its finally time to enjoy, be loving and transparent and to simply be present with your children and the family.

As you go along at each step watch out for red flag behaviours and or the meltdowns. The moment these hit ground zero, immediately troubleshoot. Please remember to ask for help if you need, from your partner, extended family, friends or if need be, professionals. It is OK to seek refuge.

It is challenging, tricky and complex to manage and cope with several children, yourself, and the house, but beginning by knowing what is very imperative, and prioritising it will unquestionably help. In short do your best, trust yourself, love and enjoy the company of little people in your life, who will soon grow and bring along a different set of never-ending complex challenges.  So be happy!


Mrs. Samina Khanyari
General Manager
Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS)