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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a selection of the most frequently asked questions that parents have asked us, as well as a useful ‘How To’ guide for choosing the right nursery – we hope you find it useful.

We understand that as a parent you have a wide choice of childcare providers offering different benefits and promises. Nurseries also differ in various aspects of the day care they offer. This comprehensive check list is designed to help you ask the right questions when selecting a Nursery that is right for you and your child.

We sincerely wish you choose Jumeirah International Nurseries (JINS) and we guarantee that we will provide an outstanding childcare education for your son or daughter.

Choosing a Nursery
  • Does the Nursery feel happy, warm, and welcoming?
  • Do the children seem happy and are they interacting with the staff?
  • Are the opening hours suitable for you?
  • Is the Nursery open all year round?
  • Is the building safe, comfortable, and geared for child care?
  • Is the Nursery registered and is the certificate on display?
  • Is the Nursery properly equipped to care for each age group?
  • Is it bright and clean?
  • Can parents visit at any time?
  • Is there a safe outdoor play area?
Policies of the Nursery
  • Does the Nursery have a realistic attitude towards the needs of working parents?
  • Does the Nursery have a secure procedure for the collection of children?
  • Is there entry/exit security?
  • Is there a formal list of exclusion for communicable illnesses?
  • Is there an emergency evacuation procedure?
  • Can you see their policies?
  • What is their policy on discipline?
  • Does the Nursery have a strong equal opportunity policy?
  • Is the Nursery flexible and does it take parental requests into account?
  • What is their settling in period for new children?
Organisation of childcare
  • Does the Nursery consider and meet the emotional, physical and educational needs of children from 45 days – 4 years?
  • Are children of a similar of age grouped together as they should be? And are there opportunities to mix?
  • Is the child able to rest or sleep in a quiet area?
  • Is there an emphasis on fun and well-being?
  • Does the Nursery encourage healthy eating and is what they cook balanced and nutritious?
  • Are all dietary requirements catered for?
  • Are their bathrooms hygienic with areas for children to wash their hands? Is the children’s personal privacy considered?
  • Does the Nursery encourage good personal hygiene habits like washing hands and brushing teeth?
  • Do they have suitable nappy changing and toilet facilities?
  • What do other parents think about the Nursery?

Our curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

Jumeirah International Nurseries provides high-quality active learning programmes and developmental objectives for children aged 45 days weeks to 3+ years of age.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) of the British National Curriculum.

We give children endless opportunities to learn, grow, and imagine, whilst providing a balanced approach to learning.

We give parents peace of mind that their children will have fun as they develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

To learn more about our Curriculum click here.

To learn more about our EYFS Principles & Framework click here.

We currently have four Jumeirah International Nurseries across Dubai:

JINS Regent, The Greens: The Greens, Emirates Living Community (within the campus of Regent Internation School).

For more information on JINS Regent click here.

JINS Al Safa: Al Qassimi Building No.1, Street 19, Al Safa 1, Jumeirah.

For more information on JINS Al Safa click here.

JINS Downtown: Al Abraj Street, South Ridge Towers, Downtown.

For more information on JINS Downtown click here.

JINS Sunmarke, JVT: Jumeirah Village Triangle, District 5, Street 2 (within the campus of Sunmarke School).

For more information o JINS Sunmarke click here.

It is essential that you visit the Nursery before making any arrangements. You will need to arrange an appointment for the visit. During your visit we will show you around and explain how we operate and answer any questions that you may have.

To book an appointment for a Nursery Tour, please first call the Admissions Office at any of our locations below:

JINS Regent, The Greens – Tel: +971 4 391 8886

JINS Al Safa – Tel: +971 4 394 5567

JINS Downtown – Tel: +971 4 456 4955

JINS Sunmarke, JVT – Tel: +971 4 391 8886

Nursery Tours can be booked between 9:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday to Thursday. Our recommended time is between 8:00am and 1:00pm when the majority of children are in the premises.

Registration Fee…

Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable on offer of place)AED 500
Administration Fee (annual, non-refundable)AED 600

Term Fees for Academic Year September 2020 – July 2021…

  • There are 3 terms in an academic year
  • Term fees are paid in advance
  • Yearly and monthly payment options are also available

JINS Regent, The Greens

Academic Term07:00-08:0008:00-13:0013:00-14:0014:00-15:0014:00-16:0014:00-17:0014:00-18:00
3 DaysAED 940AED 11,290AED 975AED 750AED 1,275AED 1,650AED 2,590
4 DaysAED 1,125AED 11,640AED 1,170AED 900AED 1.530AED 1,980AED 3,105
5 DaysAED 1,250AED 12,290AED 1,300AED 1,000AED 1,700AED 2,200AED 3,450

JINS Al Safa

Academic Term07:00-08:0008:00-13:0013:00-14:0014:00-15:0014:00-16:0014:00-17:0014:00-18:00
3 DaysAED 800AED 9,500AED 975AED 750AED 1,275AED 1,650AED 2,450
4 DaysAED 900AED 10,500AED 1,170AED 900AED 1.530AED 1,980AED 2,880
5 DaysAED 1,000AED 11,600AED 1,300AED 1,000AED 1,700AED 2,200AED 3,200

JINS Downtown

Academic Term07:00-08:0008:00-13:0013:00-14:0014:00-15:0014:00-16:0014:00-17:0014:00-18:00
3 DaysAED 900AED 11,150AED 940AED 675AED 1,350AED 1,725AED 2,625
4 DaysAED 1,080AED 12,150AED 1,125AED 810AED 1,620AED 2,070AED 3,150
5 DaysAED 1,200AED 13,250AED 1,250AED 900AED 1,800AED 2,300AED 3,500

JINS Sunmarke, JVT

Academic Term07:00-08:0008:00-13:0013:00-14:0014:00-15:0014:00-16:0014:00-17:0014:00-18:00
3 DaysAED 940AED 11,290AED 975AED 750AED 1,275AED 1,650AED 2,590
4 DaysAED 1,125AED 11,640AED 1,170AED 900AED 1.530AED 1,980AED 3,105
5 DaysAED 1,250AED 12,290AED 1,300AED 1,000AED 1,700AED 2,200AED 3,450

Autumn Term: 1st August

Spring Term: 1st December

Summer Term: 15th March

Re-enrolment: 1st May

Children are placed in classes based on age groups…

Little Learners: 0-1 year

Curious Beginners: 1-2 years

Inquisitive Adventurers: 2-2.5 years

Confident Explorers: 2.6-3 years

Active Discoverers: 3+ years

Jumeirah International Nurseries offers sibling discounts for families with multiple siblings:

1st child: Full tuition fee

2nd child: 5% tuition fee discount

3rd child: 5% tuition fee discount

Jumeirah International Nurseries operates an optional air-conditioned transport service to various parts of Dubai – 5 days a week with options for 1-way or 2-ways.

If a child joins during the Academic Year, and a place has been reserved for the child from the beginning of the Academic Year, then the full Tuition Fees for the term unattended from the beginning of the Academic Year are payable.

If a child joins at any time during the Academic Year, the full amount of Registration, Medical, Advance and other fees are payable. However, the Tuition Fees will be calculated on a pro rata rate for that term depending on when the child has joined.

The following documents must be submitted in time with the Online Application, or physically handed to the Admissions Team at the selected Nursery:

  • Completed JINS Application Form
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Child’s Passport
  • Copy of Child’s UAE Residence Visa
  • Copy of Child’s Emirates ID
  • Child’s Coloured Passport Photographs (x 4)

The following documents must be submitted before the start of class:

  • Copy of Parents Passport
  • Copy of Parents UAE Residence Visa
  • Copy of Parents Emirates ID
  • Copy of Child’s Vaccination Immunisation Record

Payments can be made via cash or cheque or by wire transfer through the following accounts:

JINS Regent, The Greens

Account Name: Jumeirah International Nursery
Bank Name: XXX
Branch: XXX
Account Number: XXX
Swift Code: XXX
Remarks: Child’s Name and Year Group

Please supply the name of the child and the Year Group as a reference and send an email to after wire transfer.

JINS Al Safa

Account Name: Jumeirah International Nursery
Bank Name: Emirates NBD
Branch: Oud Metha Branch
Account Number: 101 207 260 41 01
IBAN #: AE510260001012072604101
Swift Code: EBILAEAD
Remarks: Child’s Name and Year Group

Please supply the name of the child and the Year Group as a reference and send an email to after wire transfer.

JINS Downtown

Account Name: Jumeirah International Nursery
Bank Name: Emirates NBD
Branch: Jebel Ali Free Zone branch
Account Number: 1014785604201
IBAN #: AE230260001014785604201
Swift Code: EBILAEAD
Remarks: Child’s Name and Year Group

Please supply the name of the child and the Invoice Number as a reference and send an email to after wire transfer.

JINS Sunmarke, JVT

Bank Name: National Bank of Fujairah PJSC
Branch: Jebel Ali
Account Number: 012000921414
IBAN #: AE220380000012000921414
Remarks: Child’s Name and Year Group

At JINS we offer Arabic and French Lessons once a week teaching basic Arabic and French words, songs and phrases.

Specialist visits in Classroom bubbles are currently suspended due to COVID-19 regulations.

Bus transport is governed by the Nursery’s Bus Rules & Regulations which are subject to change at the discretion of the Nursery and in line with the RTA.

Children must be 2+ years to travel on the Nursery bus. Parents must sign a Bus Contract for the Academic Year to say that they are using the bus service.

Autumn Term: September – December
Spring Term: January – March
Summer Term: April – June

If a child withdraws at any time, or does not join JINS, the fees for application, Administration, Uniform, Paid ECA’s, etc are non-refundable.

If a notice of withdrawal of a child is initiated by JINS, the pro-rata balance of the Tuition Fees paid will be refunded after deducting the Application and Administration Fees.

A parent can withdraw their child from JINS by providing one full term’s written notice by completing the Child Withdrawal From in order to secure a refund of the advance of the Tuition Fee, if any.

Failing to do so will result in the Fees being non-refundable. All Refunds are as per the Nursery Fee policy.

The demographics of Dubai are constantly changing and Jumeirah International Nurseries intend to be a part of every community available.

The Middle East, in general, has a dire need for quality Early Years settings. The JINS brand is one that resonates with parents immediately when they think of excellence in Early Years Education. The parents come to us for the quality of service and resources we have to offer, as well as for classroom practices and the Early Years Curriculum applications that we have developed with over 40 years of experience.

JINS expansion plans include 10 new locations in the next 2 years.

The staff across all the branches are qualified teachers with either a B Ed, BSc in Childcare, an NVQ3, NNEB Nursery Nurses, or a Cache Level 3 and or 2.

All our staff are full-time Early Childhood Educators (ECE) and Early Years Practitioners (EYP).

The JINS system is designed to provide the latest educational resources and materials in a print-rich friendly environment which stimulates every child’s imagination.

The JINS transitional pathway ensures individual attention to children via regular observations, planning, assessments and feedback for developing their unique potential. We create a warm, welcoming environment where children grow from a bundle of joy to bundle of curiosity. We also offer enrichment programmes and supplemental educational opportunities which complement our curriculum practices like Sticky Kids, Rhythmic Beats, Aqua Kids, Marhaba Language programme and many more.

Jumeirah International Nurseries have a wonderful selection of fully-equipped “inoutainment” (inside and outside) areas to help children develop fully whilst they explore the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Facilities also include outdoor areas such as grass zones with “get active sessions”, play zone with a range of climbing apparatus, as well as indoor and outdoor sand and water play areas. All this in addition to versatile physical activity zones in all our classrooms.

The Nurseries also offer a well-stocked library, interactive and multipurpose zones and well-resourced classrooms.

The pride and joy of JINS is the Zig Zag Zoom indoor edutainment center offering a role play area which is regularly transformed into various activity zones.

The Nursery caters to working, non-working and visiting parents who want to provide their children with supervised, safe edutainment.

JINS Regent, The GreensTel: +971 4 391 8886Email:
JINS Al SafaTel: +971 4 394 5567Email:
JINS DowntownTel: +971 4 456 4955Email:
JINS Sunmarke, JVTTel: +971 4 423 8910Email:

The best approach is to contact the Nursery directly because while we expect to be very busy from September, availability will change throughout the year.

Parents are advised to bring the following compulsory items to Nursery for your child:

• Uniform is compulsory for all the children attending the Nursery except for Little Learners. A Nursery T-shirt must be worn for Nursery trips and Nursery Photographs.
• Spare set of clothes (to be kept at the Nursery)
• Art Apron (to be kept at the Nursery)
• Nappies (if necessary)
• Swimming Nappies (if necessary)
• Sun cream (also applied before coming to Nursery)
• Hat/cap (to be kept at the Nursery)
• Wet Wipes (to be kept at the Nursery)
• Healthy snack and Lunch (mid-afternoon snack for Afternoon programme children)
• For water play Children will need a swimsuit, swimming nappies, towel, and sunscreen on water-play days*
• For babies’ comfort toys or dummies, bottles, formulas, food all need to be clearly labelled

* Please make sure all bags, bottles/ snack boxes are all clearly labelled.
*Due to COVID-19, swimming water and sand play are temporarily stopped until further notice.

You can telephone or email the Nursery if your child is ill.

Due to staffing commitments we are unable to refund families for days absent due to sickness. If your child becomes ill during our care we will closely monitor the child and immediately contact parents. In an emergency we will make a judgment if it is necessary to quickly take a child to the closet hospital.

It is important that the welfare of all the children in the Nursery is safeguarded and for this reason a child with a contagious illness should not be brought into the Nursery.

The booked registration times form part of a complicated jigsaw that needs to be accurately staffed according to child/adult staffing ratios.

However, where it is possible we will try to accommodate small changes provided that we are informed by the 15th of each month for the following month. It is not possible to swap one day for another without altering the registration.

Verbal communication is always good, but it is always encouraged to confirm potential alterations by email.

As the adult/child ratios are statutory, we are obliged to monitor drop off and pick up times, and if necessary have the registration times adjusted. Punctuality is therefore important because if children arrive before their booked time the adult/child ratios in the Nursery may be affected.

Children should never be collected late.

The Nurseries are a secure facility and access is strictly controlled. All parents or carers are met at the door by a member of staff. Parents or carers must be recognised in order to gain entry.

Occasionally, a child may be collected by another nominated person – in this case an ID must be presented. Without the ID we will not hand over a child.

Each child has a Key Person who will maintain a progress file on that child. These files contain the EYFS record.

The quality of our progress files is a feature of our Nursery and these are always available for parents to view.

On a day-to-day basis all staff know the needs of all children and staff work as a team to create and develop each child. Our children/staff ratios are always generous and there is always the opportunity to receive feedback from staff about a child’s day.

More formally, we undertake to offer a Parent Meeting each year as well as a transition meeting during the term around the time of your child’s second birthday.