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Hear first-hand from parents on why they chose Jumeirah International Nurseries and how happy they are with their child’s progress.

We love to see a lot of photos which help us to know what they do at Nursery, as well as all the artwork on the walls and in the waiting area. They are so lovely to see and change by topics, seasons, etc. Our children really enjoy to play with their friends, teachers and staff, and have fun doing a lot of activities.
Mr/Mrs Isohi (Al Safa)
I cannot express how happy I am to have found JINS! The teacher is so lovely and my child has settled in so well in such a quick time.
Mrs De Cristofano (Al Safa)
We are more than happy with the level of care given to our Son. Thanks to all the Nursery staff.
Mrs McGrory (Al Safa)
All staff have been very helpful with any problems my child has had, especially with settling back into Nursery after a bout of sickness. They have done all they can to ensure these problems have been resolved. "
Mrs Ellis (Al Safa)
I have four children three of which went to various nurseries around the World. JINS is by far the most perfect place for a child’s early years. Thank you for making my daughter’s World a beautiful one
Mrs Southwell (Al Safa)
I am always pleased to see and speak with the teacher. She is very informative, always available for a talk and very caring towards the children
Mr Catton (Al Safa)
I must say that you provide a fantastic service for working parents, not that I am one but it should be said, you really help families.
Mrs Le Rest
Very happy with the staff and activities that our child engages in. Communication between teacher and parents is excellent. I couldn’t think of a better place for our child to be – he is very happy here and very well looked after. "
Mrs Richardson (Al Safa)
Thank you so much for providing our youngest child with such a fantastic year at JINS. He has grown in many ways and had a huge amount of fun and enjoyment with the many activities and experiences. We will miss JINS and always remember it with great memories.
Mrs O’Leary (Al Safa)
Shadi attends Spring, Summer and Winter Camps and enjoys all the activities and songs. He looks forward to the camp each morning with bundles of energy. I am appreciative of the staff’s attention to my son in addition to their friendly greetings. Everyone is so kind and the atmosphere is a very positive one. Thank you for all your efforts
Abeer (Downtown Branch)
I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done for my daughter over the last two years. She has learnt so much here and grown so beautifully. All the teachers and assistants are so kind and cheerful. The Nursery atmosphere is so lively and loving.
Mrs Zaidi (Al Safa)
Big Hello, Looking years back, when we started our School-Journey in Dubai, we searched for a play school that provided a balanced combination of home and a professional beginning, JINS fitted in perfectly well: from the day1, my son happily accepted the big change and step - towards the school years ahead, proud of our choice & trust in JINS TEAM ... thanks ...
Mrs. Ashima Kaushik (Downtown Branch)
Every once in a while in your life, you come across a situation or meet someone who leaves an everlasting impression on you. This is what your school and staff have done. I mean, how often do you see a child who cries wanting to go to school and is upset when it is closed or the day has come to an end and it is time to go home.
Mrs Alogaily (Al Safa)
All of you in your own way have contributed to make our stay in this school a memorable one. So, a big thank you. I wish you all the best
Mrs Alogaily (Al Safa)
First of all, many thanks to you and JINS Staff for organizing the workshop " A Day in the Life of a Child at JINS". It was very nice to see as a parent what the children are doing and how they are being taught. I am excited about the curriculum and the daily activities at JINS. It was great to see the activities in the classroom and get to understand how the children learn. Seeing the children's photos, artwork, what their likes are, made me super happy and it is great for their self-esteem. So thanks again for the explanation and workshop Linzi, you are an excellent presenter, very nice to listen to and that you can deliver the content in a fun, natural and engaging way.
Mrs. Veronique Smans (Downtown Branch)
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all members of JINS, the particular attention Ms. Divya and Ms. Linzi gave to Jude, helped him progress a lot, and we feel very happy and grateful to have you by our side.
Dany and Joanna (Downtown Branch)
I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing year Emily has had at your nursery. And I am glad that we were also invited on numerous occasions to be a part of her school day. I have seen with Emily great improvements and developments over the course of the year. To be honest I am a bit sad that the year has come to an end, but on a positive note we are neighbors so we will be popping in to say hello
Mrs. Maria Despotis (Downtown Branch)
I am extremely proud to say that my Son is going to JINS. I am very satisfied with the school, faculty, curriculum, professionalism and the co-operation of all the waking team in the school.
Mrs Haffesjee (Al Safa)
"The layout for this newsletter is brilliant - such fun to look at! and very original. I also make those very same ice lollies! Anna Karmel! "
Mrs Richardson (Al Safa)
"We are delighted as James seems happy in the Nursery and at home! Thank you!! "
Mrs Mina Pandarakalam (Downtown Branch )